Tear Trough Fillers

Ageing is one of the most common causes of dark circles or bags under the eyes. As we age, the fat pockets become larger, or protrude, leading to dark shadows beneath the eyes.

We use tear trough fillers containing Hyaluronic acid in a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure to reduce the visibility of under eye bags and dark circles. Our non-permanent tear trough fillers can help restore volume to your skin, hydrating and rejuvenating your face.

Get an instantly revived and refreshed appearance with no down time and minimal side effects with these Dermal Fillers.

Tear trough fillers are suitable for people who are concerned about dark circles or wrinkles around their eyes, and are looking to restore lost volume. Tear trough filler treatment has the following benefits:

  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • Adds volume and plump hollows under the eyes
  • Rejuvenates tired eyes
  • Boosts collagen production and overall skin quality
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Quick treatment with instant results
  • No down time – go straight back to work

Frequently Asked Questions