Jawline Fillers

Jawline fillers are filler injections that define the shape of the face from the jaw corner to the chin. The Jawline fillers, which has become very popular in recent years, help to make the face look stronger, attractive and slimmer.

The jawline is not prominent due to several reasons such as getting fat, genetic factors and ageing. Jawline fillers provide facial harmony and help slim and tighten your face. A double chin can also be improved by contouring the jawline.

How many ml using jawline fillers vary according to the chin and jawline structure of the patient. Jawline contouring generally requires 2-5 ml for woman , 3-7 ml for man. Therefore, patients who decide to do jawline fillers should know that at least 2 ml fillers should be applied for the desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions