Gummy Smile

Visible gums, gummy smile

Do you have the impression that your gums are visible when you laugh? Do you tend to cover your mouth when you smile? You can stop feeling insecure; a gummy smile is treatable with botulinum toxin. You’re just a few pricks away from feeling happy about your smile.

We all love to see people smile. It radiates kindness and makes us feel warm towards them. A gummy smile is something a person is born with; the first signs often appear at an early age. If you feel that showing a lot of gum is not what you want when you smile, botulinum toxin treatment could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

A gummy smile can be caused by various things; from problems with the teeth and lips, to the gum tissue itself.

Abnormal eruption of adult teeth as they move down can leave them looking shorter than they are, which disrupts the teeth to gum ratio (normal crown length for an adult tooth is around 10 millimeters), even though the tooth is the right size or shape.

Your upper lip plays a big part in the appearance of your smile; the average lip moves 6-8 millimeters when smiling, so when hyper-mobility occurs, the lip may rise too much, revealing more gum tissue. A short upper lip can also have this revealing effect that results in a smile overtaken by gum tissue.

The maxilla (the section of upper jaw that holds teeth) can sometimes be genetically predisposed to grow in a way that protrudes, creating the effect of a gummy smile. 

The natural size and shape of teeth and the surrounding gum tissue are hereditary.

As our teeth wear out through use, they become shorter; our body responds by moving teeth downwards (upper jaw) and upwards (lower jaw) in a process called compensatory eruption. Gums follow this movement, increasing the perceived ratio of gum to tooth, creating a gummy smile.

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